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Top 4 Hiking Trails in Lompoc

With our lush rolling hills and scenic beach bluffs- hiking in Lompoc is a diverse adventure that is fun for hikers of all ages and skill levels!

Whether it leads to one of the oldest lighthouses in California or a 130-degree view of Lompoc Valley – the destinations will dazzle you, but the fun is in getting there on our beautiful trails!

Here is our list of the top four places to hike in Lompoc!

Bodger Trail Lookout Point - Lompoc California

Bodger Trail – Lookout Point

Ranked the #1 hiking tail in Lompoc, this .7-mile trail will take you through green bushes and wildflowers as you make your way up the path. The trail itself is paved most of the way but a short, steep incline makes the trail ideal for intermediate hikers. Once you reach the top, expect a stunning panoramic view of the valley and the Pacific Ocean.

Tips from hikers: There isn’t any shade on this trail so be sure to pack water and wear sunscreen and a hat!

Jalama Beach Hiking

Jalama Beach

Located 30 minutes from the epicenter of Lompoc. Jalama Beach is a popular destination for surfing, camping, fishing, bird watching and, of course, hiking! The many trails that loop around the bluffs surrounding the beach are perfect for hikers of all skill levels. Hike to the top of the bluff for an awe-inspiring view of the ocean and Jalama Beach.

After you’ve worked up an appetite, stop at Jalama Beach Grill for one of their famous Jalama Burgers!

Tips from hikers: Expect a $10 fee for parking and $3 for dogs if you plan to take them on the actual beach.

Point Conception Lighthouse Hiking - Lompoc California

Point Conception Lighthouse-De Anza Trail

Located near beautiful Jalama Beach, the De Anza Trail is an eleven-mile beach walk that leads straight to the Point Conception Lighthouse. The hike begins at the campground at Jalama Beach and goes straight down the beach until you are presented with a dirt road. After ascending a small hill, you will find a paved path that leads to the lighthouse. While the walk itself is straight and easy, it is a long day of walking and is better suited for those capable of walking long distances.

Tips from hikers: This “trail” is entirely on the beach, so check the tides before you go!

La Purisima Mission Trails Hiking

La Purisima Mission Trails

With over 25 miles of hiking trails -La Purisima Mission has diverse trails that will keep you coming back to explore. The flat, wide trails make these routes ideal for hikers of all skill levels that just want to enjoy a stroll through nature, horseback ride or easy trail run. Trails in this area range from very shaded to completely uncovered, so be sure to bring sunscreen

Tips from hikers: There can be a lot of wildlife in this area so bring a camera!

Come explore these hiking trails during your stay in Lompoc, start planning your trip today!


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