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Skydiving in Lompoc California

ExploreLompoc_SkyDivingSkydiving on your bucket list?
In Lompoc, California you can take the highest tandem jump on the west coast! 

Take in unforgettable views of the Pacific ocean, hillsides, and vineyards, and feel the adrenaline rush of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

It’s safe, don’t worry! Skydive Santa Barbara is fully recognized by the FAA and has operated daily for the last 15 years with an untarnished safety record. They’ve provided jumps for more than 300,000 thrill seekers since 1998. So, what are you waiting for?


About Skydiving in Lompoc

Skydive Santa Barbara has three  jumps to choose from:


8,000 foot tandem jump
Perfect for anyone wanting the thrill of jumping off an airplane at a low price. 20 seconds of free fall.


13,000 foot tandem jump

If you are looking for a nice long free fall at a great price then this is the jump for you.


18,000 foot tandem jump
This skydive is like no other. It’s the highest drop zone in the entire United States. You would have to join the military or NASA to jump from a higher elevation. You even have to take oxygen in order to take this dive. This is the  most popular skydive. You’ll get a longer free fall (90 seconds) more parachute time and the best bang for your buck.

Skydiving in Lompoc California is hands down the best choice.

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Skydive School (Assisted Free-Fall Program)

Take your love for skydiving to the next level with our Assisted Free-Fall Program. This program is designed to prepare you for your first solo jump! The course consists of 4 to 6 hours of ground training, 7 assisted jumps and finished off with your first Solo Jump from 13,000 feet.



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