Couple hiking with dog in Lompoc

How to Spend a Paw-fect Dog Day in Lompoc

Lompoc not only has stunning landscapes but is also very welcoming to your four-legged friends! If you're a dog owner Lompoc has a lot to offer for a memorable day out with your furry friend. From picturesque parks and dog-friendly beaches to pet-friendly wineries and dining, here's our guide through ...

Self-Guided Tour of Lompoc Murals

Travel often uncovers hidden treasures in the most unexpected places, and Lompoc's outdoor mural gallery is one of these delightful finds. If you're a fan of art, history, and exploration, you're in for a treat with this self-guided tour of Lompoc's murals. Join us as we wander through the streets ...
Picklebll Courts in Lompoc

Best Places to Play Pickleball in Lompoc

Pickleball. Chances are you’ve heard and seen it more and more over the past few years. Superstar athletes like NBA icon LeBron James and Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are backing budding pickleball leagues. The number of national pickleball participants surged from around 4.5 million in 2021 ...
Quirky, Unique and Weird in Lompoc

Explore the Quirky and Unique in Lompoc

Lompoc may seem like your typical charming Central Coast town at first glance, but for those with an eye for the unconventional and a taste for the eccentric, Lompoc holds a treasure trove of quirky and unique attractions. From intergalactic exploration to a ghostly mission, here's your comprehensive guide to ...
From Vine to Glass: Discovering the Essence of Sta. Rita Hills Wineries

From Vine to Glass: Discovering the Essence of Sta. Rita Hills Wineries

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Sta. Rita Hills AVA, a picturesque wine region along California’s Central Coast. Embark on a delightful journey uncovering the trifecta of wine areas that make this region truly special: the Lompoc Wine Ghetto, the Midtown Wineries, and the Sta. Rita Hills Wineries. Diverse, ...
Family picnic La Purisima Mission Lompoc

7 Exciting Activities for a Memorable Family Adventure in Lompoc

Planning a weekend away that caters to the interests and ages of everyone in your family can be a challenge, but have no fear! Lompoc, situated on California's Central Coast, offers a wealth of fun experiences that will leave the whole family with smiles. Whether your family loves outdoor adventures ...
Exploring the Lompoc Taco Trail

Exploring the Lompoc Taco Trail

Get ready for your next mouthwatering adventure! Brace yourself for a tantalizing journey through the vibrant flavors, sizzling meats, and irresistible aromas of the Lompoc Taco Trail. Be prepared to be transported to taco heaven. Whether you're in the mood for quesatacos loaded with melted cheese and your choice of ...
The Top 5 Parks in Lompoc

Discover the 5 Best Parks in Lompoc

Parks in Lompoc offer a tranquil oasis for nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers alike. With our gentle climate and breathtaking landscapes, the Lompoc Valley boasts a myriad of beautiful parks. Explore our top parks where you can immerse yourself in the region's natural wonders and find moments of tranquility. River ...
2023 Summer Ecents & Festivals

Guide to 2023 Summer Events & Festivals in Lompoc

As a laid-back, bucolic, coastal paradise, Lompoc always offers visitors an amazing place to relax, discover, and indulge. When the summer months roll around, Lompoc presents even more reasons to come stay, play, and explore. If you’re spending your summer in many other parts of California, you might endure temperatures ...
Lompoc Sweet Tooth Tour

Take a Sweet Tooth Tour of Lompoc

There’s so much sweetness to be found in and around Lompoc and the Lompoc Valley. Flower-filled, postcard-perfect hills. Cool climates and calming breezes. Warm smiles and soft hearts. And never any shortage of sweet things to do—including watching super-sweet space launches from Vandenberg Space Force Base. So yes, there’s always ...

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