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5 Fun Things to Do at La Purisima Mission State Historic Park!

5 Fun Things to Do at La Purisima Mission

Step into history at one of California’s most extensively restored missions – La Purisima Mission State Historic Park! The Mission offers visitors a remarkable historic journey to life in the 1800’s. Within minutes of downtown Lompoc, you can explore the grounds of this meticulously preserved mission, and find yourself immersed in the rich tapestry of California’s past. From the imposing adobe walls to the tranquil courtyards, every corner of La Purisima Mission resonates with history.

Visitors can wander through the well-preserved buildings, including the chapel, living quarters, workshops, and gardens, gaining insight into the daily lives of the Spanish missionaries and the indigenous Chumash people who once inhabited this site.

With its immersive exhibits, engaging demonstrations, and scenic trails, La Purisima Mission State Historic Park offers a unique opportunity to experience the cultural heritage of early California. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a peaceful retreat, a visit to La Purisima Mission promises an unforgettable journey through the past. Check out our list of 5 fun things to do including hiking, tours and more.

  1. Time Travel with a Guided or Self-Guided Tour

Free guided tours at La Purisima Mission are the ideal way to learn about the mission and its history! Led by knowledgeable park guides, you’ll journey back in time to the days of Spanish missionaries and Chumash Indians. Stroll through centuries-old buildings and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the 1700s. The 90-minute tour begins at the visitors center, and guides lead you through the historic buildings as they bring them to life with the stories of mission life and the people who once lived there. Free self-guided tours are offered at 11 am Saturdays year-round, and 1 pm Tuesdays – Sundays, October through May. For those who like to go it alone, self-guided tour maps are available for $1 in the visitor center.

  1. Channel Your Inner Artisan

Feeling crafty? Tap into your creative side with hands-on workshops and demonstrations inspired by the mission’s rich history. From the sheep’s annual haircut at Sheep Sheering Day to exploring native culture at Chumash Cultural Day, there’s no shortage of fun and interactive activities at the mission. During Mission Life Days, get hands-on as costumed docents demonstrate the crafts and skills that would have been needed during the active days of the mission. Try your hand at tortilla making, candle making, soap making, spinning and weaving, carpentry, pottery, and blacksmithing!

  1. Explore Nature Trails

With nearly 2,000 acres of park to explore, the extensive grounds at La Purisima Mission are the perfect outdoor escape! Reconnect with nature amidst the serene beauty of La Purisima Mission. Visitors enjoy over 25 miles of trails perfect for hiking or equestrian adventures. Bonus: keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready – because you never know what wildlife encounter you might have along the way!

  1. Pet a horse, spot a longhorn or spy on a sheep

DYK? La Purisima is also home to livestock! Watch the majestic Pismo and Adobe Longhorn Steers graze, get up close and personal with a beautiful horse, or listen to the rooster crow and the chickens cluck. Other animals on the farm include sheep and burros – and you might even spot one of the lazy pigs! If you happen to get attached to one of these wonderful animals, the mission also has a program where you can support an animal.

  1. Picnic in Style

What’s a day of fun without a delicious picnic to fuel your adventures? Grab your favorite snacks and head to one of the park’s scenic picnic areas for a leisurely lunch with friends and family. With plenty of space to spread out and soak up the sunshine, it’s the perfect way to recharge your batteries before getting back to your adventure.

The Details…

Location: 2295 Purisima Road, Lompoc, CA 93436

Hours: Open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, so there’s plenty of time to explore.

Admission: Admission is free, parking is $6 per car

Accessibility: Everyone’s welcome here! Our park offers accessible pathways and facilities for adventurers of all abilities.

Visitor Center: Swing by our visitor center for maps, exhibits, and all the info you need to kickstart your adventure.

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