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How to Spend a Paw-fect Dog Day in Lompoc

Couple hiking with dog in Lompoc

Lompoc not only has stunning landscapes but is also very welcoming to your four-legged friends! If you’re a dog owner Lompoc has a lot to offer for a memorable day out with your furry friend. From picturesque parks and dog-friendly beaches to pet-friendly wineries and dining, here’s our guide through the paw-fect way to spend a day in Lompoc with your favorite four-legged friend!

Morning Stroll at River Park

Start your day with a leisurely morning stroll at River Park, a popular destination for both locals and visitors. This serene park offers scenic walking trails along the river, where you and your dog can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views. Make sure to keep your dog on a leash and bring waste bags to clean up after them. River Park is an excellent place for some light exercise and relaxation for your day’s adventures.

Grab Coffee at a Coffeeshop

South Side Coffee Company is your go-to spot to grab your favorite cup of joe! What’s even more pawsome is that this café extends a warm welcome to canine companions on their comfortable front patio. Savor the delights of freshly made coffee, bagels, sandwiches, and wraps every day at South Side, with doors open from 5:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Explore Barkin Park

Lompoc’s favorite dog park is a place where your pup can socialize and burn off some energy. Popular Barkin Park is a popular dog park located in Barton Park, a 5.12-acre park located off West Barton Avenue. The park has separate areas for small and large dogs, providing a great opportunity for your dog to make new friends and for you to connect with fellow dog enthusiasts.

Wine Tasting at Dog-Friendly Wineries

Lompoc is part of the renowned Santa Ynez Valley wine region, and luckily, there are wineries that welcome dogs. Plan a visit to dog-friendly Pali Wine Co., a true treat for both wine aficionados and their furry companions! Your canine sidekick can relax on the beautiful grass area in front of the tasting room and munch on a treat from a stash kept in the back as you indulge in some of Lompoc’s most exquisite wines. Babcock Winery & Vineyards is another pup-friendly paradise! Just outside is a sprawling, grassy haven, tailor-made for an exhilarating game of fetch with your canine companion!

Visit La Purisima Mission State Historic Park

Take a short drive to the La Purisima Mission State Historic Park, where leashed dogs are welcome in designated areas. Explore the historic grounds and learn about the history of this Spanish mission while enjoying the company of your furry friend. The park’s lush gardens and peaceful atmosphere make it a great spot for a relaxed morning outing.

Beach Time at Jalama Beach County Park

For some sun, sand, and surf, head to Jalama Beach County Park, located about 20 miles west of Lompoc. While dogs must be on a leash in most areas, there’s a designated dog-friendly beach where your four-legged friend can run and play off-leash. It’s the perfect place for your pup to dip their paws into the ocean and enjoy the coastal breeze. Jalama Beach Burgers is famous far and wide for its legendary hamburgers and is the perfect place to chow down with your four-legged buddy! You and your pup can enjoy the outdoor dining area, where they dish up scrumptious breakfast, lunch, and dinners daily, from 8 am to 7 pm.

Sunset at Surf Beach

As the day winds down, head to Surf Beach for a picturesque sunset. While dogs must be on a leash here, the stunning views and soothing sound of the waves crashing make it a serene spot to end your day. Capture some beautiful memories with your pup against the backdrop of the setting sun.

Lompoc’s dog-friendly amenities offer a memorable day out with your canine companion. From morning strolls to beach adventures and wine tasting, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in our beautiful SoCal town in dog-friendly Lompoc!

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