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A Visitor’s Guide to Finding Lompoc’s Famed Flowers

Visitors Guide to Find Flower Fields

The country hills west of Lompoc burst to life during the spring and summer months with vibrant wildflowers. Hills filled with California poppies, blue bells and morning glory line our winding roads for miles.

The area around Lompoc offers the perfect growing climate, with commercial flower growers also claiming that Lompoc has the most consistent temperate climate of anywhere in the world. Approximately 80% of the U.S. commercial flower production happens in California, and about half of blooming taking place in Santa Barbara and Lompoc Counties.

Locals and tourists alike love to see Lompoc's flowers, but if you're not familiar with the area they can be hard to find. We've created a handy guide to help visitors get the most of their flower viewing experience during their trip to Lompoc.

A History of Flowers

Lompoc has a rich agricultural history, which wildflowers primarily dominated until the commercial flower fields sprang to life in the early 1900's. Local farmers planted a few flower varietals for the purpose of harvesting and selling the seeds.

The seed industry was so profitable for the area that Lompoc was nicknamed the "Flower Seed Capital of the World." Today, the seed industry has dried up, but growers now sell fresh cut flowers to nurseries and florists around the world.

Before your trip to Lompoc, consider learning more about our area's history. An 89-year-old resident Bess Christensen wrote a 48-page book, Acres of Loveliness, that offers a great glimpse of the flowery past.

What's in bloom?

Lompoc has both commercial flower fields and seasonal wildflowers. The commercial flower fields rotate their crops, so they bloom three or four times a year. The seasonal fields bloom less frequently, with peak season happening during the summer months.

We have a Bloom Tracker that will help you find which fields are in bloom and what flowers are present. It' a great tool to use, especially if you're trying to find a particular type of flower.

Many different kinds of flowers can be found on our beautiful hillsides during the spring or year-round in the commercial fields in Lompoc. Here's a peek at some varietals you might find:

  • Larkspur
  • Stock
  • Alyssum
  • Delphinium
  • Sweet peas
  • Marigolds
  • Bells of Ireland
  • California poppies
  • Baby blue eyes
  • Lupine
  • Filaree
  • Bush daisies

The best driving route

To see Lompoc's flowers, it's best to take a DIY driving tour.

Lompoc has two main roads that run parallel, Ocean Avenue and Central Avenue. The best way to see the flowers is to travel back and forth between these two streets. Start on Central Avenue and Floradale Avenue, and travel on each of these streets:

  • Floradale Avenue
  • Legge Avenue
  • Douglas Avenue
  • DeWolff Avenue
  • Artesia Avenue
  • Union Sugar Avenue

Here's a map that shows the route, which is west of the city. Start at the green dot, which is the corner of Ocean and Central. Follow the arrows up and down the streets for the best chances to see the fields.

Your tour takes you down rural roads, so expect condition to be a bit bumpy.

Flower etiquette

The Valley of Flowers is an impressive sight to see, but it's important that you stay out of the fields. You can't walk through the commercial fields or pick flowers to take with you. Feel free to take pictures, but do so from the side of the road.

Touring Lompoc's flowers is a favorite activity among locals and tourists alike. Seeing vast fields and hillsides filled with such colorful flowers is truly impressive and a sight you shouldn't pass up on your next visit to Lompoc. Of course, there's a lot of others things to do in the city too. Check out this list of 10 Fun and Free Things to in Lompoc.




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