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10 Fun and Free Things To Do in Lompoc

10 fun free things to do lompoc

Who says finding fun things to do has to cost money? In Lompoc, you don’t have to break the bank to see amazing sights, take in breathtaking views, or explore the city’s rich history. Visitors can stay in one of Lompoc’s affordable hotels and discover the sights and sounds of the city with these free activities:

Things to Do

  1. Go on a Mural hunt

    A mom and her two kids walk past a mural celebrating agriculture in Lompoc

    In the heart of Lompoc’s Old Town you’ll find huge murals sprawled across buildings, decorating alley ways, or dressing up street corners. There are 30+ hand-painted murals in the area, and each one offers a glimpse of all-things-Lompoc. Download the Mural Map and take a self-guided tour.

  2. Take a wildflower tour

    A women in a light summer dress poses for a picture in a field of red and purple wildflowers

    Lompoc’s rich soil and plentiful sunshine make it the perfect spot to grow wildflowers. Throughout the valley, visitors can spot vast acres of vibrant blooms. Use the Bloom Tracker on the Explore Lompoc website to see what’s in season and then set out on a colorful adventure.

  3. Hike to Lookout Point (Bodger Trail)

    If you're looking for things to do that get you outside, hike to Lookout Point

    A five minute drive outside of Lompoc is a hiking trail with sweeping city views. You’ll hike through the lush valley and face a few steep inclines, but the 0.7 mile walk to the top of Lookout Point is well worth it.

  4. Take a walk along Jalama Beach

    Hop in your car for a 30-minute country-side drive to Jalama Beach. This quiet, windswept beach is perfect for a sunset walk. Kick off your shoes, feel the sand between your toes, and listen to the waves as they come ashore.

  5. Discover a hidden waterfall

    Tucked behind a seemingly average city park just outside of Lompoc is a local secret – a 100-foot waterfall. A quick 15-minute walk along the Nojoqui Falls Park Trail reveals the cascading water, falling from high rock cliffs to a pool below. It’s an easy walk for all ages, and it’s a great spot for photos.

  6. Go wine tasting

    Napa Valley isn’t the only region in California producing amazing wines – Lompoc does too. The area is home to dozens of wineries, ranging from expansive estate wineries to boutique tasting rooms. And here’s the best part, most of them offer free wine tasting. Before you go, check out this list of the 40+ wineries in the area.

  7. Explore an old school house

    Lompoc has a fully-restored and furnished one-room school house that was originally built in 1876. During select weekends, the Artesia School is open for tours. It’s a great experience for kids who get to see what school was like 100+ years ago.

  8. Hit the BMX park

    River Bend Bike Park is a popular place to ride bikes (things to do that kids gravitate to, check)

    River Bend Bike Park is a fairly new addition to Lompoc. Built by local volunteers, the park offers a series of dirt tracks and jumps for every level. It’s located at the end of McLaughlin Road and is open daily, weather permitting.

  9. Take a Farm or Ranch Tour

    Dare to Dream Farms Lompoc CA

    Tour a wild horse ranch, visit a working farm, or take a class to learn how to raise chickens in your own backyard. Lompoc’s Farm & Ranch Tours offer a variety of unique and exciting adventures. Through farm-to-table events, educational workshops, and private tours, visitors get a glimpse of southern California’s countryside.

  10. Catch a missile launch

    Vandenberg launch

    Vandenberg Space Force Base launches unmanned test missiles and satellites throughout the year, and Lompoc visitors have a great vantage point. Explore Lompoc has a list of upcoming launches on its website.

This list of fun, free activities is a great start, but there is so much to see and do in Lompoc. To learn more, download the Lompoc Visitor’s Guide, and visit the Explore Lompoc blog for more exciting news about this charming California city.

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