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Bicycling The Pacific Coast – Jalama Beach Park

Bicycling The Pacific Coast

Bicycling the Pacific Coast Highway is every road cyclist’s dream ride. Every year thousands of road cyclists take to the Pacific Coast Highway in pursuit of the ultimate cycling road trip. And every year thousands of road bicyclists pass on by one of Pacific Coast Highway’s most coveted hidden gems, Jalama Road. Not only is Jalama Road a cyclists’s dream with its pristine beauty, windy curves, rolling hills, wooded areas, and unparalleled solitude, Jalama Road ends at the secluded Jalama Beach Park. Jalama Beach is well known to campers, surfers, anglers and adventurers looking to experience a virtually untouched part of Classic Californian heritage.

Where in the world is Jalama Road?

Jalama Road can be easily reached from a 4.2 mile (6.8 km) bike ride south of Lompoc, California.  There is also a very small turnout on Pacific Coast Highway and Jalama Road where you can park your vehicle and ride to the beach. The bike ride to Jalama Beach from PCH is just 12.9 miles or 20.7 km. See the Google Map below for details.

Best Time of Year to Bicycle Jalama Road via Pacific Coast Highway

Wildflowers blooming in spring at Jalama Beach Jalama Road is lovely all year round, and generally uncrowded on weekdays. The off season is October through April. Late winter through early summer are the best times of the year to bicycle through this amazing Pacific Coast Highway Detour. During these seasons you’ll experience green pastures, vibrant wildflowers, and cool temperatures.

Jalama Beach Store & Grill

Restock your water and food supply at the Jalama Beach Store & Grill. While you’re there, order a World Famous Jalama Burger. These burgers are so tasty that it’s said that the locals sing folk songs about these legendary burgers. Once you try one, you’ll understand why.

Camping and Cabin Rentals at Jalama Beach

If you want to stick around and relax, Jalama Beach Campground is a great place to stay overnight before resuming your epic bicycling road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway. You can reserve your campground or cabin rental in advance (which is highly recommended by the way). Or you can try your luck by trying to score a first come first served campsite from the park office.

Other Sites to see While Bicycling the Pacific Coast Highway near Lompoc California

Ride north on PCH back to Lompoc California. There you will find hotels, restaurants, historic sites, bike paths, and trails.  See below for other points of interest in Lompoc California.

To sum it all up

Jalama Road is one of the best kept secrets along the Pacific Coast highway. Many cyclists pass this road each year when making their journey along the Pacific Coast Highway not knowing what treasures lie ahead. Don’t be one of them.

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