Lompoc Valley Neon Signs

Lompoc neon Signs

Enjoy a little mid century, neon fun in Old Town

Dreaming of vibrant tubes of glowing blues, deep greens and brilliant reds?

Lompoc's collection of retro, vintage neon signs, scattered throughout our quaint Old Town streets, will take you back to the time of ice cream parlors, penny candy and poodle skirts. These lovingly restored pieces of art are a nostalgic nod to mid century design and the perfect place to stop for a fun selfie!

Before you go, check out some colorful tidbits about one of Lompoc’s most popular and beloved attractions.

Rice Bowl neon sign

Rice Bowl

117 West Ocean Avenue

The Rice Bowl is probably the most easily recognizable neon sign in town with three pulsing, fluorescent bowls of chow mein. Known for its unique combination of Chinese food, steaks, and burgers the Rice Bowl has been serving the community for over fifty years. In the 50’s it was a favorite afternoon hangout where local high schoolers could enjoy a nice cold Coca-Cola.

Courtesy of Lompoc Vision

Star Motel neon sign

Star Motel

216 East Ocean Avenue

Upholding this nation’s tradition of the neon roadside motel, the Star Motel has not one – but two. This throwback to the good old days of Route 66 has drawn attention from artists like Elizabeth Hack for years for its simplicity and nostalgia. She once said, “When the [signs] get a little rusty there’s a poetic resonance.” And she’s right – there is a certain romance that comes from taking a peek at the past in a place where it has met with the present.

The Star Motel on the corner of S. F Street and Cabrillo HWY has been converted into long-term housing, but the brilliant neon sign still stands and can be found lit from time to time.

Courtesy of Lompoc Vision

Lompoc theatre

Lompoc Theater

112 North H Street

The Lompoc Theater opened in 1927 as the centerpiece of downtown. The Theater hosted traveling vaudeville acts, played first-run movies, and featured local dramatic productions. In 1954 a new neon marquee was installed, making H Street dazzle. That same year brought a concession stand and a brand new Cinemascope screen to the theater. When the Lompoc Theater was a thriving movie palace, going to a picture show was a major event and an experience not to be missed. Courtesy of Lompoc Vision

A restoration effort is now underway!
Read more about the Lompoc Theatre Project

Old Town Neon Cleaners Lompoc

Stillmans Modern Cleaners

123 N H St

Still a functioning cleaner, Stillman's Modern Drive-In Cleaners sign is one of the oldest in Lompoc. A Lompoc landmark, the family owned and operated dry cleaners is as iconic as the town itself. Situated on the corner of H street, the business still serves up old fashioned good service and is knows as the premier dry cleaners in Lompoc. When new owners took over the establishment in 2005, they lovingly restored the vintage Stillman's neon sign that continues to grace the original building.

Old neon sign Lompoc

Hi! Let's Eat

207 North L St.

The iconic "Hi! Let's Eat" sign was taken down in 2017 for rehabilitation and a new home at American Host Restaurant. A team, comprised of Lompoc Valley Historical Society members, local professionals and other volunteers, removed the sign from the corner of Ocean Avenue and South E Street, where it had stood since March 1960, and moved it to the Historical Society’s offices at 207 North L St. It’s there that the Historical Society will attempt to refurbish the eye-catching display before taking it to its new location, tentatively planned to be at the American Host restaurant.

Courtesy of Lompoc Record


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