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Travel to Lompoc on Amtrak’s Scenic Coastal Surfliner for Gorgeous Coastal Views

Lompoc Amtrak trip

One of the most scenic ways to travel to Lompoc is on Amtrak. Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner is famous for its sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and traffic-free access to some of SoCal’s most popular destinations.

The Pacific Surfliner is part of the LosAn corridor, a passenger rail corridor that runs year-round between San Diego and San Luis Obispo with many stops along the way. Heralded as the second busiest train corridor in the United States, the Surfliner provides service to 3 million visitors a year with the busiest time being Thanksgiving.

Each Surfliner train offers first-class amenities like onboard restrooms, generous and comfortable seating, bike and luggage racks, free WIFI, large picture windows, and even charging outlets for your devices. Living up to its name, the Surfliner is also equipped with storage racks for surfboards. The onboard Market Café serves up a large variety of fresh food, snacks, and beverages, including soft drinks, wine, cocktails, and local craft beer.

If the spectacular views and generous amenities weren’t enough, the best part of your train experience may be your escape from the infamous SoCal traffic! The train ride from San Diego to Los Angeles is only 2.5 hours, and the route between Los Angeles and the Surf Beach station (your stop in Lompoc) takes an average of 3.5 hours. On Amtrak, you can enjoy views you won’t experience by car and skip the driving and traffic.

Lompoc Coast Train Amtrak

Tips For Your Travel to Lompoc on Amtrak

#1 – Download the Amtrak App on your smartphone.

The Amtrak App is the best way to keep track of train schedules and purchase your tickets. Just search for “Amtrak” in your app store and download for access to everything you’ll need to plan your trip.

#2 – Purchase tickets ahead of time.

To ensure you’ll be able to travel on your preferred day and time, we recommend purchasing your tickets ahead of time on either the Amtrak App or the Amtrak website. You will want to search for the “Surf Beach” station, which is the closest station to Lompoc. The Pacific Surfliner is open seating, so when you board, you can choose between seats on the first level or head upstairs for better views. Keep in mind when choosing your seat that the stairs on the train are narrow and it may be difficult to carry your bags up and down the stairs.

#3 – Keep valuables with you.

We recommend that you keep any valuables with you, rather than in your larger luggage bags. As luggage is stored in public areas, it is safest to keep any valuables close by.  You are allowed 2 checked bags and 2 carry-on bags per person. Keep in mind that while you are allowed to bring a generous amount of luggage, space is more limited on the train and, unlike an airplane, passengers are responsible to store and keep track of their own luggage. While luggage racks are provided, they fill up quickly and you’ll want to keep an eye on your valuables throughout your trip.

#4 – Bring a refillable water bottle and snacks.

Amtrak provides several potable water stations set up throughout the train, so access to water is readily available. Bringing your own refillable water bottle is great for both the environment and your pocketbook! While snacks are available on the train, in the unforeseen event a card reader isn’t operational or your train is delayed, you’ll want to make sure you have some food on hand for your journey.

#5 – Use the observation car.

The LosAn corridor is one of the most beautiful train routes in North America, so take advantage of the views in the observation car if your train has one.

#6 – Bring your own entertainment.

Unlike an airplane, onboard entertainment is not offered on Amtrak trains. Bring your favorite book, games, or devices loaded with your favorite movies and shows. We also recommend bringing noise-canceling headphones. Keeping your devices charged won't be an issue, as outlets are available throughout the train.

Once You Arrive at Surf Beach

The Surf Beach train station is located approximately 10 miles from Lompoc, so you will need to arrange transportation from the station to your destination. Uber or Lyft offer affordable rides for around $20 or you can call Lompoc taxi at (805) 736-3636 for a pickup.

The Lompoc Valley offers a wide variety of outstanding hotels, outdoor activities, and attractions. Explore our website and plan your getaway!

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