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The Nautical Life of Lompoc: Sybil Marston Wreckage

Lompoc Shipwreck

The beaches sprinkled all along the coast offer something unique for everyone. Winter months can often become a time of seclusion indoors, but Southern California provides an endless summer. This brings people from all over the world to explore and let loose. The nautical life in Lompoc provides amazing waves for surfing and strong tides that uncover reefs, tidepools, and, if you are really lucky, hidden shipwrecks like Sybil Marston!

Sybil Marston Shipwreck

One of the most well-known shipwrecks in Lompoc is the Sybil Marston that crashed along the coast 111 years ago. The ship had two crew members aboard when a storm caused it to hit the rocks near Surf Beach. It didn’t take long before the ocean took the ship, leaving the crew and lumber a sacrifice to the waves.

Beach Wreckage

Despite the tragic wreckage, Lompoc residents were resourceful and began their town lumberyard with the salvaged lumber. As a result, several houses throughout Lompoc were built and helped evolve the town into the fruitful community it has become.

There are occasional winters, if the conditions are right, the uncovered Sybil Marston wreckage is there for all to explore. The shipwreck is located about a mile down from the beach entrance and can be seen from the surface during the winter season if the tide is right. However, even if you do not see the ship, the waves of Surf Beach give life to the special magic. The beach is perfect for swimming, surfing, seashell hunting, and so much more!

Jalama beach Lompoc

Surf Beach is open from September-March and is accessible by car and the local Amtrak station for visitors who want to make a day trip and skip the traffic.

Parking for Surf Beach is Free, and restrooms are on site. The beach does not allow animals.

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