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Lompoc Valley’s Top Foodie Secrets

Lompoc Valley's Top Foodie Secrets

Plenty of cities have made a name for themselves by serving one-of-a-kind meals. New Orleans has the Cajun food market cornered, Chicago makes a mean deep dish pizza, but smaller cities like Lompoc are luring foodies to its charming town with its eclectic, homemade dishes.

Lompoc offers an array of restaurants with fabulous, five-star food that are gaining momentum among foodies. While visiting Lompoc, seek out these secret eats:

South Side Coffee Company LompocThe best cup of java

Get your morning started right with a great cup of coffee at South Side Coffee Co. From a simple dark roast to cappuccino, the selection and taste beat the coffee chains any day. Add a lemon bar or a scone to your order to kick start your day.

A sandwich to rave about

If you think all sandwiches are created the same, think again. There’s a specific sandwich served at a go-to lunch spot in Lompoc that everyone raves about. Head over to The Bread Board Deli and order the Italian hoagie. Customers say this sandwich is as good as any served at a NY deli with mile-high meat.

The restaurant is only open for lunch hours during the week, but it’s well worth a stop.

Pizza Garden Lompoc

Pizza Garden Lompoc

Steak like you’ve never had it

Foodies will love the tri-tip sandwich served at Lompoc’s Tap and Cork. The restaurant, which has a hip, modern feel, has a limited menu, but what they make – they make well. The sandwich won’t disappoint and neither will the local brews that are on tap. Try a glass of Firestone with your sandwich.

Not your ordinary pizza

Pizza joints typically aren’t anything special, unless you’re ordering from the Pizza Garden. Order the Pepperoni Sensation. This pie includes homemade crust, extra cheese, and quadruple the usual amount of pepperoni. (Seriously, there’s a 120 pieces of pepperoni on a large pizza).

Stop into the restaurant and dine-in, or if you’ve had a long day of exploring sites like the Lompoc Museum or La Purisima Mission, order a pizza online to-go and enjoy it at your hotel.

A heavenly slice of pie

If you’re craving something sweet, the best dessert in town is at a local mom and pop restaurant, Sissy’s Uptown Café. One of the owners, Dave Springer, is the baker in the family. His homemade pies are famous with locals and tourists alike. The black bottom chocolate pie and the coconut cream pie are among the favorites.

The restaurant is located in the heart of Old Town, which is known for its mural walk. After checking out the 30+ murals, stop into Sissy’s for a treat.

Hangar 7 - Lompoc

Hangar 7 – Lompoc

A crispy, unique treat

Foodies who crave unique food won’t want to miss candied bacon. That’s right, one of Lompoc’s newest restaurants, Hangar 7, offers wood-fired, sweet and spicy bacon on its dessert menu. Try it on top of chocolate cake for a unique twist on a modern classic.

Hangar 7 is a great place to end the night too. You’ll find comfy seating, board games, and live music inside as well.

Lompoc has cuisine fit for any foodie’s appetite, but it’s not just the food that makes the city a great place to visit. Lompoc’s charming atmosphere, historical sites, and family-friendly activities make it a destination to visit again and again.

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